Topography – Topography is the study of the land and water features of an area.

When looking at a land tract or acreage for sale, evaluating how the topography works for your needs is an important factor to consider. Conversely, when marketing your land for sale, highlighting the positive attributes of the topography helps to attract buyers and maximize sale values. Some important considerations regarding topography:

-What is the lay of the land? Examples include flat, sloping, rolling, and steep. Mountain land tracts in the greater Asheville region can be quite steep. Its common that land tracts can be over a hundred acres, but only offer a few acres of flatter, usable space. We call this ‘functional acreage’.

-How does the topography work for your intended use? What are highest and best uses?

-What natural capital exists on the land? Examples include tree species, animal species, rivers, lakes, streams, merchantable timber, age of forests, water quality, pastureland, tillable acreage, soil types, rainfall data, and minerals, to name a few.

-Is the property located in a floodplain?

-Is the property located in a steep slope overlay?

-How many acres are in pasture? How many acres are wooded? How much privacy is offered?

-It’s often that MLS sheets and info found online don’t offer much useful information about land tracts and acreage. Interpreting both GIS maps and 3d Google Earth maps can help provide useful information before marketing a property for sale, or visiting a property of interest.

-Does the property have a survey? A boundary survey outlines the property boundaries, landmarks, and improvements on a property. A topographic survey shows contour line data in addition to the boundaries, landmarks, and improvements. Topographic surveys can show contour data from manually shooting the contours, or using a LIDAR overlay from aerial maps.

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